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Our outdoor movie systems are flexible and can be adapted to suit your requirements
Outdoor movies
Our most popular option is watching an outdoor movie under the stars – either with friends at your place or in the park or school oval on blankets, beanbags or chairs. It’s the perfect way to watch a favourite movie or classic in a relaxing and fun-filled environment.

Bring the cinema to your backyard!  Ideal for kids parties but great for teen and older folk get togethers as well

Dive-in movies
Whether in your backyard pool, or in an Olympic sized aquatic centre, a ‘Dive-in’ movie is a very cool way to spend a warm evening. This option is fast becoming a very popular way to watch movies – for a fun night out, just add water. Our screens can be rear projected, ensuring a safe and fun night. ‘Starry Nights’ has held ‘Dive-in’ movie nights since 2009 at plenty of pools. Great ‘dive-in’ movie titles include ‘Finding Nemo’, ‘Point Break’ ‘Surf’s Up’... and you’ll never look at the water the same again after spending a night in the pool with ‘Jaws’!

Drive-in movies
Nothing says fun and nostalgia like a ‘drive-in’ movie. Book out a local car park, or field and strap yourself in for a fun filled night straight out of ‘Happy Days’. Recreate your youth and create new memories for those too young to remember the great drive-in experience. Imagine how great a timeless classic will sound from your car’s modern sound system. A great opportunity for car clubs and groups to get together, and celebrate the good ol’ days.

Game nights
Our movie systems are set-up so kids and the young at heart can play their favourite video games on the big screen. Simply hook up your Wii, Xbox, Playstation, PC or gaming console and step into a world of fun and adventure.

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